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This is the place for high-quality audio software at reasonable prices. Coyote offers a range of PC-based software, including Groove Mechanic - one of the world's best denoisers - and a selection of DirectX and VST plugins. All use sophisticated algorithms for top-notch sound quality.

Groove Mechanic is a popular application used for capturing audio from sources such as vinyl LPs and cassette tapes, removing the pops, clicks and hiss, splitting the audio into individual tracks, and saving as WAV or MP3 files, ready to be burnt to CDs.

Coyote's DirectX plugins include Centrifuge, Chorus, Compressor, Expander, AmpliDude and PhaseOne. All are compatible with DirectX applications and support audio of up to 32-bit resolution and 192 KHz sample rate.

Coyote's VST plugins include Centrifuge, Wah and Wah/GT, which are compatible with VST hosts such as Steinberg's Cubase (TM) and many others.

Latest News

Coyote releases ForteDXi 1.6

Now handles several GigaStudio3 file features, including "round-robin" and "random-play" layers. This version includes Forte sound bank version 1.4b.

Coyote releases Groove Mechanic 2.6

An update to the classic click and noise removal program is now available. Version 2.6 adds the often-requested "recording-pause" feature, and also removes an error message that occurred when run under Windows Vista.

Recent Reviews

AudioXpress magazine reviews Groove Mechanic

AudioXpress, in a recent review of Groove Mechanic 2.5c says "...Groove Mechanic is an effective program for click, hiss and rumble removal... offers extremely good performance at a bargain price. (Its) algorithms have been intelligently designed to deliver good results..." reviews Coyote's DirectX plugins recently reviewed AmpliDude, Chorus, Compressor/Expander and PhaseOne and had the following to say: "...competitively priced and all sound effects..."

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