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Coyote Centrifuge Audio Demos:

The following files contain short clips of audio before and after processing with Coyote Centrifuge (and Compressor). They show a few possibilities out of the huge range available.
The first file is a simulated B3 playing a song from a Midi file. The second one is the same file, processed through Coyote Centrifuge, using the "122" setting. The third file was first processed with Coyote Compressor to give it some "crunch" (similar to the distortion added by the tube amplifier in Leslie (TM)* Speakers), and then processed by Centrifuge.

* Leslie is a trademark of Suzuki Musical Instrument Co.

  Play MP3
  Processed with Centrifuge   Play MP3
  Processed with Compressor and Centrifuge   Play MP3

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Last update: Nov, 2004
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