Download or Play Groove Mechanic audio clips

Groove Mechanic Audio Demos:

The following files contain short clips of audio before and after repairing with Groove Mechanic. They illustrate the ability of Groove Mechanic to eliminate a range of noise, from huge numbers of tiny clicks, to large individual thumps.

Please be aware that MP3-encoded audio cannot capture all of the nuances of uncompressed audio. In particular, the clicks themselves sound somewhat unnatural. However, you will clearly hear the dramatic improvement between each original file and the version repaired with Groove Mechanic.

  Repetitive clicks caused by scratch
 cutting through several grooves

  Original After repair
  A thump due to a very large scratch   Original After repair
  Hundreds of little clicks (or crackle)   Original After repair
  Hiss from cassette tape   Original After repair

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Last update: Dec. 2003
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