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Groove Mechanic


Groove Mechanic is a noise reduction system optimized for repairing the sound from vinyl LP records and cassette tapes. It removes clicks and pops such as those found on vinyl records, removes tape hiss and reduces rumble (subaudio frequencies). Use it to regain the original sound quality from records and tapes that have deteriorated over the years.

You can use it to record the sound from your turntable or tape deck, remove clicks, hiss and rumble, normalize the amplitude, and split the resulting file into individual tracks. You can also convert the tracks to MP3 or OGG format.

Have a look at a screen shot: GrooveMech screenshot

Click Removal

Unlike most competing products, Groove Mechanic uses frequency-domain methods to interpolate over clicks, resulting in amazing fidelity to the original sound. Each click is removed and replaced with a tiny sample of audio derived from the frequency characteristics of the sound immediately before and after the click.

Hiss Reduction

Groove Mechanic's hiss reduction is also outstanding, and can be used to remove the background noise from cassette tapes or records without "muffling" the sound.


AudioXpress magazine "Groove Mechanic offers extremely good performance at a bargain price."
Canada Computes "Really shines... Groove Mechanic's filters work well..."
Pcmag.co.uk "Using Groove Mechanic is simple"
Pcabusers.net "I began using the Spin Doctor utility... This software is OK, but I’ve switched over to using Groove Mechanic"

Evaluating and purchasing Groove Mechanic
You can install Groove Mechanic and run it, with no restrictions, for a period of 15 days. After that, there will be a limitation of two minutes of denoising per file, until Groove Mechanic is purchased, and the registration key entered. The registration fee is only $39.00 U.S. and it entitles you to free upgrades.

Download the sample files from the Demos page, to hear for yourself how big a difference Groove Mechanic makes.

See the Downloads page for a list of sites from which Groove Mechanic can be downloaded.

Once downloaded, it is a simple matter to install and evaluate Groove Mechanic, using your own records, tapes or WAV files. After the declick and dehiss are done, the sound from even old records and tapes can approach CD-quality.

Problems with Groove Mechanic?

First, have a look at the list of Frequently Asked Questions. If your problem is not answered there, e-mail Coyote. Please clearly state your problem, the conditions under which it happens, and what version of Groove Mechanic you are using, along with any other info you think might be relevant.

System Requirements
  • Runs under Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Vista.
  • Pentium, Pentium-II, Pentium-III, Pentium-4, AMD K6 or Athlon recommended, with:
  • At least 64MB of RAM, and
  • A 16- or 24-bit sound card
New in Release 2.6
  • Added the often-requested "recording-pause" feature.
  • Removed an error message that occurred when run under Windows Vista.
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Last update: June 2008
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