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Once you have evaluated Groove Mechanic, Forte (RT,MP,DXi) or one of the Coyote Plugins, and decided you wish to purchase it, the easiest way to do so is to go to ShareIt's secure web site, where you can purchase Groove Mechanic, or any of the Coyote plugins by credit card, and get the registration key (or, for the Plugins, the full version of the software) e-mailed to you as soon as your credit information is verified.

Purchase Groove Mechanic
Purchase ForteDXi from PG Music
Purchase ForteMP from Arobas Music
Purchase ForteRT
Purchase Centrifuge
Purchase Coyote Compressor and Expander
Purchase Coyote Chorus
Purchase Coyote AmpliDude
Purchase Coyote Wah/GT

Or, if you prefer, you can pay by cheque or money order, and receive your registration key by e-mail as soon as your cheque is processed. To do this: Make the cheque out, in the amount shown in the table below, payable to Norm Campbell, and send to:

11174 Canyon Cres.
Delta, BC.
Canada V4E 2R8

The pricing is:
Product $US Euros Other
Groove Mechanic $39 33 See Currency Converter
ForteDXi $40 32 See Currency Converter
ForteMP $37 30 See Currency Converter
ForteRT $75 65 See Currency Converter
Coyote Centrifuge $25 22 See Currency Converter
Coyote Compressor and Expander $25 22 See Currency Converter
Coyote Chorus $25 22 See Currency Converter
Coyote AmpliDude $19 17 See Currency Converter
Coyote Wah/GT $25 22 See Currency Converter
Coyote PhaseOne Free
Coyote Wah Free

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Last update: Dec, 2007
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