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Help files

Groove Mechanic ships with its online help in HTML format, for use with Microsoft's HtmlHelp system. (This requires that you have Internet Explorer 4.0 or later installed on your system).

If you cannot access this help file, or if you would rather have the User's Manual in an easily printable form, you should download the PDF version of the help file, from the link below. You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader (available free from Adobe), to be able to view and print this.

(If you use Internet Explorer you may need to right click on the link below and select "Save Target As...")

Download the Groove Mechanic User's Manual in PDF form

Contacting Coyote Technical Support:

If you have a problem that cannot be solved by the online help, or by the Frequently Asked Questions (see below), you can e-mail Coyote Technical Support. Please clearly state your problem, the conditions under which it happens, and what version of Groove Mechanic or DirectX Plugin you are using, along with any other info you think might be relevant.

Frequently-asked questions regarding Groove Mechanic:

Will the registration key work when I buy a new PC or upgrade my PC?
Yes! The permanent registration code is independant of your hardware, and will work on any PC.

I entered my registration code but Groove Mechanic still says it is unregistered!
Whenever this has happened, it has usually been due to a typographical error made when entering the registration code or "user info" string to Groove Mechanic. Please check both very carefully, INCLUDING PUNCTUATION, before contacting Coyote Software. The most reliable way to ensure no errors are made is to cut and paste the info directly from your e-mail program to Groove Mechanic's registration dialog box.

Other possible reasons for the evaluation version to not work:
  • You have changed your computer's date for some reason
  • You have previously evaluated Groove Mechanic on the same computer.
Why are the Save and Save As menu items greyed out?
File saving is enabled only when there is something to save. Usually this is when you have repaired clicks, rumble, hiss or normalized the amplitude. However there are two situations in which the menu items will stay greyed out even after repairs have been made:
  • When you opened the file you checked the "Apply changes immediately..." box
  • You have just finished Capturing the audio from an external source and have made repairs to it
In both these situations all changes are made immediately to the file on disk as the repairs happen, so there is nothing left outstanding to be saved.

Why do I get an "Error waiting for event flag"? Or why do I hear gaps in the audio I record?
In most cases, this is due to the disk being too slow to capture the audio, during recording. This can be due to:
  • a fragmented disk
  • the use of a Zip disk or other low-speed disk
  • a very slow computer (eg. 486 or older)
  • using a network-mounted disk rather than a disk connected directly to the computer
  • running other programs (or a screen saver) while the capture process is going on
  • on Win95/98 systems, a non-optimal "vcache" setting (vcache should be set to approximately 1/4 of your RAM size. See the Cubase for Windows Users site for details)
  • if you have a Via sound system and are running Windows 98 SE, you may have to uninstall your WDM (Windows Driver Model) sound driver (some versions of which have numerous problems) and install the non-WDM driver that is normally used with Windows 95 or Windows 98. See Via's website for more info.

Why do I hear a 2-second gap between songs when I listen to the CD I recorded?
CD players will pause for 2 seconds at the start of each track if the CD was recorded in "track at once" mode. You can avoid this by recording the CD in "disc at once" mode, but not all CD recorders and CD-burning software packages support this mode.

Why does my Sonique player not play OGG files produced by Groove Mechanic?
Sonique versions 1.9 and 1.95 (and maybe others) do not properly support the latest version of OGG files (RC3). There is a plugin available that allows Sonique to play these, however. It can be found at Nic's Stuff, and possibly other locations on the web. Download and unzip the file, extracting the plugin (vorbisRC2.sqp) into your sonique\system folder, and move or remove the old plugin (vorbis.sqp)

Why does my batch file not work? (Using "for %i in *.wav..." to get Groove Mechanic to process all the WAV files in the folder)
In "command prompt" or "DOS" batch files, the percent character must be duplicated in order to be considered to be a single percent character. So instead of "for %i..." use "for %%i...". And do the same for any other place in the command line where the percent character is used.

Why do songs play back too fast?
This problem has affected a few people with Yamaha OPL sound cards, running Windows 95 or 98. It appears to be due to Windows changing the sound card settings while Groove Mechanic is recording the audio. It can be prevented by disabling your Windows sounds (Control Panel - Sounds: set Schemes to "No Sounds"). Also make sure that while recording with Groove Mechanic you are not running any other applications that might be using your sound card.

Why does my computer (Windows 95 or 98) slow to a crawl after using Groove Mechanic for a while?
Ironically, this is due to a feature of Windows which attempts to speed up access to files. A large portion of your computer's memory is used to store each file that gets opened and read on your system. This feature, called file caching, works very well on small files that are frequently read. But the type of files that Groove Mechanic deals with are normally very large, and they rapidly fill up the file cache. This leads to excessive paging (moving data between the RAM and the disk). In extreme cases it can cause your computer to freeze.
Some users have reported seeing a great improvement by running a free tool called RAMPage. It can be downloaded from jfitz Technologies

Why are the Hiss menu items (Get Noise Base and Fix Hiss) grayed out?
There can be several reasons for this. First, you need to analyze the file (using Repair - Analyze Clicks and Rumble) before the Hiss functions can be used. Also, in versions of Groove Mechanic up to 2.5b, you cannot dehiss more than one file in a single session of Groove Mechanic - in order to dehiss a second file you must shut down Groove Mechanic and restart it.

Why don't you add this great feature...
We'll consider it! Coyote is always looking for ways to improve Groove Mechanic, and many of the new features and enhancements made over the past years were suggested by users.

Frequently-asked questions regarding Coyote Forte

Why do I hear occasional clicks when playing songs?
This can be due to a number of possible causes:
  • Disk is fragmented. To check and repair, run Windows’ Disk Defragmenter (or a third-party defragmenter)
  • Other applications are using system resources. You should not have any other applications running when Forté is running. Shut down any applications that are using any significant amount of processing power, disk usage or memory. Be sure to shut down any applications in the System Tray as well (the area at the bottom right corner of your screen, near where the clock is normally displayed) if there is any possibility they could be using system resources. Also check for background tasks such as the Microsoft Office File Finder, anti-virus applications, or server applications.
  • PC’s resources just aren’t sufficient to run the requested number of voices of polyphony. Check the System Requirements in the Overview section. Try reducing the maximum polyphony.
  • There is a problem with the sample file. Try another sample file.
If the CPU usage is just slightly too high for the music you are playing, try shutting off the Reverb, or the Headphone Head Model.
If you have the Tuning Adjustment set to a non-zero value, try setting it back to zero.

Where do I get sample files?
There are many sources of sample files, ranging from free to quite expensive. Try doing a web search for "gig sample files". Check the Tascam/Nemesys web site (currently here), or the Coyote Sources of Sample Files page It is also possible to convert sample files from other formats (eg. Akai, SoundFont) to gig format, using commercially available translators.

Why does Forte die with an access violation or Invalid Handle when exiting the program?
Version of the ASIO driver for the M-Audio Delta series cards has a bug that was fixed in version You can get the updated driver from M-Audio.

Frequently-asked questions regarding Coyote's DirectX Plugins:

What software do I need to host the plugins?
You need an application that supports DirectX plugins (formerly known as ActiveMovie plugins). There are many that do so. Here is a partial list (Coyote makes no representation as to the relative merits of any of these, and makes no recommendation as to which you should use. All trademarks are property of their respective owners):
  • Syntrillium's (now Adobe's) Cool Edit Pro
  • Steinberg's WaveLab
  • Cakewalk Home Studio
  • Bremmer's Multitrack Studio
  • Sonic Foundry's (now Sony's) Sound Forge and Vegas
  • Flavio Antonioli's n-Track Studio

Why do the plugins hang or crash Sound Forge or Vegas?
Early versions of Sound Forge (up to, and possibly including 5.0) and Vegas (1.0) used an old version of the DirectX management system. They do not support plugins built using DirectX 8, which is the version that the Coyote plugins are built with. If you wish to use an old build of the Coyote plugins, please contact us at info@coyotes.bc.ca

Frequently-asked questions regarding Coyote's VST Plugins:

What software do I need to host the plugins?
You need an application that supports VST 2.3 plugins. There are many that do so. Here is a partial list (Coyote makes no representation as to the relative merits of any of these, and makes no recommendation as to which you should use. All trademarks are property of their respective owners):
  • Steinberg's Cubase SX 2.0
  • Steinberg's WaveLab
  • Kreatives' Kristal
  • SAW Studio
Furthermore, if you install SpinAudio's VST DX Wrapper, you can use VST plugins (including Coyote's Wah and Wah/GT) in any host program that supports DirectX plugins.

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