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Coyote Wah 1.2


Coyote Wah is a VST plugin that implements high-quality sweeping resonant-filter (wah-wah) effects. Advanced audio processing algorithms produce a very clean output, free of artifacts.

Some of the unique features of the Coyote Wah are:
  • Emulation of 4 popular wah-wah pedals
  • Supports presets and automation
  • VU meter
  • Controllable by an external Midi controller (eg. pedal)
Coyote Wah should be compatible with any audio application that accepts VST plugins. It has been tested with several of the more popular applications.

Have a look at a screen shot: .

Obtaining Coyote Wah

You can get Coyote Wah (fully-functional, not a demo version) for free! Get it from the Downloads page and unzip it into your VST plugins folder. Please read the help file (CoyoteWah.chm) before using it.

Want more control? Check out Coyote Wah/GT

Coyote Wah/GT offers customizable resonance settings, auto-wah, jump-wah, envelope-triggered wah. Have a look!

System Requirements
  • Runs under Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
  • Pentium-III, Pentium-4 or Athlon recommended, with:
  • At least 64MB of RAM, and
  • A 16- or 24-bit sound card
  • An audio application that supports VST plugins.

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Last update: Oct, 2005
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